Our new bread range in the partnership with Starter Lab

We are happy and proud to present our new range of bread in the partnership with Starter Lab Singapore, which is famous for its naturally leavened bread full of old world soul. The popular bakery, first opened in Canggu (Bali, Indonesia) in 2017, has been pushing the boundaries of bread in Asia ever since by introducing less familiar products to different parts of the world with new climates, ingredients and terroir.

After some try and error, we chose Starter Lab to be our partner because we share the same passion for the quality of the products. All the bread from this artisan bakery is long time fermented and naturally processed from wild yeast, which results in a healthier product, good for your guts.

MPB Market-bread-sourdough-starter lab

In a time where bread has become a production commodity, Starter Lab recaptures the essence and soul of old-world bread baking for the 21st century, taking it back to where it all began and paying tribute to the “starter” – a simple mix of flour and water which, when left to ferment, cultivates wild yeast. Together with a natural and long process of fermentation, it gives a distinctive aroma, complexity of flavour and structure to its bread. Most importantly, it signifies the start to new life. 

Working with deep reverence, the lab also consistently experiments with modern wheats, ancient grains and distinctive flavours of the region. “We want to share truly unique creations, full of soul and flavour, that are also healthy and can be enjoyed by all. It is an exciting time to be introducing this culture of sourdough to Singapore. We hope to continue delighting the community with exceptional baked goods, sparking curiosity and fuelling conversations around bread, hopefully shaping the culinary landscape in time to come”, says the owner Min Siah. 


The Magic Behind Each Bake

Knowing how important the bread is in the French food culture, Starter Lab follows traditional baking process driven by formulaic discipline. They just let nature do its magic over a simple but meticulously measured mix of flour, water and naturally occurring bacteria.

Starter Lab’s breads and pastries are characterised by its ripe, young starter, lending a distinctive flavour reflective of its Bali-Singapore terroir and a more lactic, less acidic bite. Using quality ingredients and sourcing sustainably – locally where possible – the lab embraces long fermentation periods, allowing its dough to rest and rise over 20 to 24 hours at a time, and at the skilled hands of each baker.

Bread For The People

LPB Market-bread-starter lab

In LPB Market we are happy to present a thoughtful selection of breads fron Starter Lab. Look for such signatures as Country (S$19.20), a classic San Francisco-style sourdough with a mild tangy, soft and tender open crumb and a deep golden, caramelized crust. Rosemary, Lemon and Sea Salt (S$17.20) sourdough is an evocative blend of rosemary and sea salt in the first bite, with bright lemon accents and a luxurious olive oil finish. The more-ish loaf is a good accompaniment with savoury, saucy main meals or as a sandwich loaf. While Miso Baguette (S$5.80), which may resemble a traditional French baguette, is anything but. This is a nourishing loaf with a subtle umami flavour from the addition of Japanese miso.

Start the day with a Morning Bun (S$4.80)  – an impressive laminated dough with a sweet and aromatic cinnamon filling, coated with sugar for a playful crunch. Or a traditional Croissant (S$4.80), light, flakey, buttery and subtly sweet, - one of the best croissants you can find in Singapore, we confirm! Of course, we offer a classic Pain au Chocolat (S$5.80) and something special that we tried and liked a lot - Creamed Cranberry Scone (S$ 5.80). It's a moist, yet crumbly and light scone using French butter and cranberries.

For the moment only available in Serangoon Garden store.

Watch the video here to know why the crust is dark and why it's just perfect! 

Press release by Starter Lab