LPB Market Christmas Charity

The Christmas season brings joy, love and happiness to everyone. It is also a special time for us to think about those around us, share our gratitude to them, and give generously to those who are in need. Finding the right place to donate your time, money, or other goods and items is no easy task. If you are looking to make some Christmas donations or end the year basking in the giving spirit of the season, LPB Market is here to guide you through our charity drive with Singapore Children's Society. 

LPB Market Christmas charity

Same as last year, take the chance to spread some joy to children in need and give them a better Christmas and a new year ahead. From now till December 31, shop with us in our online store and add on $3, $5 or $8 (depending how far are you in a giving mood) to your final receipt at the check out. All of these extra sums paid by the customers will go into the fundraising drive for Singapore Children's Society. 

LPB Market Christmas charity

To support the cause further, LPB Market will also double up the tally through a dollar-to-dollar match for the total sum collected from our customers' charitable efforts.

With just a small amount of effort, you can give a little extra to the children in need at Singapore Children's Society. Start your festive season right and spread some love with us today!