Herve a la Biere


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Description: Herve is a Belgian soft cheese with washed rind with beer, produced from raw or pasteurised cow's milk. The flavour is mature and the degree of ripeness weakens towards the centre. When young, Herve is sweet and becomes spicy as it ages. Since it is fully flavoured, it is usually eaten with dark breads and beers. 

Packing: Approx. 200g per piece

Beer Pairing: It is one of the most popular cheeses of Belgium. It goes well with stronger beers brewed with roast malts (amber to dark and very dark beers, for example).

Our cheeses can be kept for at least a week from the date of delivery. After opening the initial wrapping paper, we recommend to store the cheeses in a clean, dry cling wrap and store them in the lower compartment of the fridge which is usually not too cold or dry.

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