Crottin affine fermier +/-80G


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DescriptionCrottin affine is produced with raw milk of the alpine goats which can be easily recognized by their brown thick coats. It is one of those rarest cheeses that can be eaten at various stages of its maturity. At its first stage of maturing process, it has a creamy, nutty taste, its dough is solid and compact, and its rind is white. As it ripens, it takes on a stronger flavour and develops a harder rind.

Serving TipsA classic dish is a baked Crottin de Chavignol on a green salad. The dish is said to go well with a Sancerre wine from its home region. Crottin is also often found cold as a component element of a cheese board selection

Weight: Approx. 80g/ piece

Wine Pairing: It is best paired with white wines from Loire Valley like Sancerre, Pouilly Fume and even Sauvignon de Touraine - the classic pairing being a Sancerre.

Our cheeses can be kept for at least a week from the date of delivery. After opening the initial wrapping paper, we recommend to store the cheeses in a clean, dry cling wrap and store them in the lower compartment of the fridge which is usually not too cold or dry.

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