Camembert La Fermiere +/-250g


DescriptionCamembert La Fermiere is made from unpasteurized cow's milk that is hand-ladled to produce an undulating surface and a powerful, fruity flavour. Protected by the AOC designation (Controlled Designation of Origin), Camembert can only be produced in Normandy and made from raw cow's milk. The Camembert La Fermiere has a rich and buttery flavour. The paste is plump and golden-yellow and the rind is creamy-white. 

Weight: Approx. 250g/piece

Wine PairingThis cheese is best paired with a light red wine or traditionally a glass of Normandy cider.

Our cheeses can be kept for at least a week from the date of delivery. After opening the initial wrapping paper, we recommend to store the cheeses in a clean, dry cling wrap and store them in the lower compartment of the fridge which is usually not too cold or dry.


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