Saint Nectaire Fermier +/-200g


DescriptionSaint Nectaire is a French semisoft, washed rind cheese made in the Auvergne region of France. Made from the milk of Salers cows that feed on rich, volcanic pastures. This farmed cheese made with raw milk takes 6 to 8 weeks to mature on rye straw mats, imparting a peculiar pungent smell to the cheese. Properly aged, it has a grayish-purple washed rind, dotted with white, yellow and red molds. The creamy, supple, silky textured paste melts in the mouth to reveal flavours of nuts, hay, cellars and mushroom. 

Weight: Approx. 200g/ piece

Wine PairingA glass of Bordeaux, Shiraz, Cotes d'Auvergne or Beaujolais and Saint Nectaire will go hand-in-hand

Our cheeses can be kept for at least a week from the date of delivery. After opening the initial wrapping paper, we recommend to store the cheeses in a clean, dry cling wrap and store them in the lower compartment of the fridge which is usually not too cold or dry.

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