Le Mothais sur Feuille


Description: Mothais is a French goat’s cheese made with fresh goat’s milk. During the maturity period, it is covered in a protective chestnut leaf coating.
Mothais has a soft, runny texture that becomes dense as it ages. The unique combination of earthy, lemony and mold flavours of the leaf become intense as the cheese matures. On the surface, the rind of the cheese is delicate and wrinkled with blue and green mold underneath the leaf shell. 

Weight: Approx. 180g/piece

Wine Pairing: Le Mothais sur Feuille pairs well with Champagne or a single-malt whisky.

Our cheeses can be kept for at least a week from the date of delivery. After opening the initial wrapping paper, we recommend to store the cheeses in a clean, dry cling wrap and store them in the lower compartment of the fridge which is usually not too cold or dry.

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