This is the season to savour the magic of Christmas. What better way to celebrate than with a feast that tantalises the taste buds and warms the heart? We are thrilled to present our exclusive Christmas Collection, curated with love and festive flair to make your holiday gatherings truly unforgettable.

Embark on a journey filled with holiday spirit, excitement, and festive surprises with our Advent Calendars, lavish imported chocolates and gourmet treats, adding a touch of sweetness to your holiday gatherings.

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At the heart of our offerings are carefully selected cheeses to create your perfect cheese platter for the Christmas table: from traditional Comté to decadent Truffle Brie. Fondue, Raclette and Mont d’Or are perfect for sharing with loved ones and is a quintessential choice for all holiday gatherings, these cheeses add warmth and flavour to the winter season.

Experience luxury with our time-honoured homemade foie gras, available in Traditional and Truffle recipes refined over 5 years, encapsulating the holiday spirit in every jar.

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Enhance your celebrations with our varied selection of French Champagnes and Wines, spanning from Bordeaux classics to Loire Valley Whites, an ideal accompaniment for your Christmas feast.

Indulge in the finest seafood and meats, sourced for unparalleled quality, whether it’s a seafood platter or a grand roast, ensuring every bite is a moment of joy.

Let LPB Market guide you through a world of flavours, creating unforgettable moments at your festive table this Christmas. Join us and start the festivities!

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Cheesy Yours,

LPB Market Team

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