For this festive season we have prepared something special for you - a CNY Cheese Platter, featuring a series of one-of-a-kind cheese pairing options that pair classic French cheeses with traditional Chinese New Year goodies for a fusion gastronomical extravaganza!

After trying out over 30 types of traditional Lunar New Year snacks with our many cheeses on offer, we have derived the following pairings that we feel are the most suitable and delicious.
LPB Market CNY cheese platter

Brie de Meaux + orange jam and orange zest

Seasonal CNY Brie is a homemade concoction featuring orange jam, orange zest and Crème fraîche d'isigny, sandwiched between the all-time favourite Brie de Meaux. This is a staple for every CNY Platter ordered during this period – a must try and is served with a symbolic mandarin.

LPB Market Lunar Brie

Abondance + baked cashew nuts

This unpasteurized cow milk cheese has a strong smell and an intensely fruity and buttery flavour, that goes perfectly with the sweet nuttiness of baked cashew nuts. Experience the crunchiness of the cashew and mild savoury flavour of the Beaufort in every bite!

LPB Market-CNY-cheese platter-abondance

Tomme du Berry + love letters

The Tomme du Berry, or Truffle Tomme, is one of our bestsellers. Match this popular choice with love letters and watch the flavours come together! The butteriness and egginess of the love letters and the subtle truffle flavour from the Tomme du Berry are a match made in heaven.

LPB Market-CNY-cheese-pairing-tomme du berry

Bleu de causses + melting almond cookies

Blue cheeses like Bleu de causses are best paired with sweet treats. We have chosen to use almond cookies to go with our Bleu de causses, providing a strong balance of the sweetness of the almond cookies and the moldy flavour of the blue cheese.

Truffle Crottin + Kueh Lapis

Goat cheese lovers rejoice! Not only we added truffles to a classical Crottin de Chavignol cheese, we also paired it with kueh lapis (or layer cake), which distinctive coconut milk flavour smoothens the goat milk aroma and intensify the truffle taste.

LPB Market-CNY-cheese platter-Truffle Crottin-Kueh Lapis

Trou du Cru + Quince Paste/Confit

A cheese, wiped with Marc de Bourgogne, a strong alcohol during its maturation, has a strong savor with a floral aftertaste, which will delight lovers of strong tasting cheeses. Take some quince paste to soften and sweeten the aroma.

Chaource + candied ginger

Chaource is one of our favourite creamy cow cheeses, and you have to try it paired with dried ginger. The mixture of sweet and savoury will be etched into your memories once you have tried this!

LPB Market-CNY-cheese platter Chaource AOP with candied ginger

Tete de Moine + candied pineapple

The larger platter is topped with Tête de Moine florets which pairs nicely with sweet pineapple where the aromatic saltiness of Tête de Moine blends into the sweet crunchiness of a pineapple.

LPB Market's CNY Platters comes in two types CNY Prosperous Cheese Assortment, priced at $118 and CNY Auspicious Cheese Platter $188. LPB Market CNY Platters will only be available for ordering for a limited period, from January 3rd to January 21st, 2023. LPB Market's usual cheese platter offerings will continue to be available throughout the festive season.


LPB Market's Chinese New Year Festive Draw

And the last, but not the least, no CNY goes without hong bao! Any customer who orders a CNY platter during the period of January 4th – February 5th will find a red packet containing a lucky number which allows to enter LPB Market's Chinese New Year Festive Draw. 1 red packet for the $118 platter, and 2 red packets for the $188 platter.

The draw will be conducted via live streaming on Instagram on February 7th, where three numbers will be picked to win the three prizes: LPB Market vouchers worth $150, $100 and $50.

Happy festive season and good luck!


 Cheesy Yours,

LPB Market Team

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