LPB Market Platters for Your Corporate and Private Gatherings

LPB Market offers the best catered gourmet solution for your company’s or private event! Artisan cheese and cold cuts…those few words are creating some exciting and mouth-watering image in your mind. 

A cheese and cold cut platter is the perfect format for any kind of gathering. Be it a casual meeting with team or family members or a more formal event with partners and customers, LPB Market platters can be customised to your specific needs, requirements and tastes and include your choice of dried fruits, nuts, pickled veggies, dips, French baguette or crackers. We are experts in the art of crafting the perfect platter for your events, always making it artful and succulent.

LPB Market cheese platter

First, we will balance flavours, textures, and put depth and range to ensure a diversified and authentic culinary experience. Trust LPB Market, you will not forget it for a while… Cheese & cold cuts platters are definitely a simple and convenient catering option that create a visual wow factor and really deliver on taste too.

With the abundant and magnificent range of cheeses and meats we offer at LPB Market, endless options are available.

LPB Market mixed platter

So, what will you choose to impress your guests and your colleagues?

Maybe a beautiful cheese platter with local flavour of sambal chili cheese? Or seasonal products like the famous Mont d’Or available only during the winter? Or our signature cheese Truffle Brie, which is prepared in-house according to our secret recipe? Or maybe a beautiful mix of French and Italian charcuteries with some mouthwatering traditional pâtés, rillettes, dry saucisson, prosciutto ham, cornichons with artisan butter and fresh baguette bread?

Not easy to choose, right? Don’t worry and trust our expertise. LPB Market is here to share with you its passion and advice you. Our mission is to make your events & gatherings unforgettable by delivering the best artisan products you can find! Free delivery island-wide. LPB Market cheese platter



Cheesy Yours,

LPB Market

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