LPB Epicurean Club

Dear Foodie Friends!

 After 8 years of providing you with the best products, the time has come to create a community grounded on values like a passion for food and wine, sharing, conviviality and respect for each other.

We are happy and proud to present LPB Epicurean CLUB - a place where Great People enjoy Great Food. 

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By becoming a member for as little as SGD 199 per year, you will be privileged to lots of exclusive deals and benefits including but not limited to:

  • 10% discount on all online and in-store purchases;
  • access to private sales via a WhatsApp members only group. Up to 4 spot offers at up to 50% off every day. Simply put, for a whole year you will enjoy the best deals we’ve negotiated with our suppliers – prime rib, oysters, Japanese uni, wine bundles, caviar….(you name it!);
  • welcome S$100 worth vouchers to spend at the shop or online;
  • free invitations to 3 private Events per year;
  • 50% discount on other LPB Events and Wines Tastings participation fees.

LPB (previously La Petite Boutique) was born in Singapore in 2014 from the hearts and tummies of four epicurean friends who enjoyed high-quality cheese & wine and wanted to spread their love for fine food all around. 

LPB Market is a fresh in-door market that features an exquisite assortment of artisanal cheeses (over 70 varieties), charcuterie (more than 30 SKUs), wines (roughly 1000 bottles), seafood, meat, grocery, fruits and veggies. All the products and wines for the Market are tasted and handpicked by our Team and come from local European farms and vineyards to ensure the best and freshest quality.

We are constantly evolving and looking for better ways to serve you and to continue to offer you amazing premium products at affordable price. Saying that, we have created “LPB EPICUREAN CLUB” …because we know that you are all foodies and all looking for the gourmet products and best deals.

What makes LPB different is that we are not just a store, but a community. While you can buy delicious goodies such as fresh tomatoes, the perfect avocados, amazing cheese platters, and drink divine wine, we also hold events you could rave about for months! We offer a great time doing things like wine tasting, celebrating events like the French National Day, Apéro Parties, Raclette Nights, and so much more. Our events are the perfect opportunity for you to have fun meeting other wine and cheese lovers and learn more in the process!

To become a member and read on Terms and Conditions, click HERE


Cheers and looking forward to welcoming you to the CLUB,

LPB Market 

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