LPB Market

La Petite Boutique, your favourite cheese shop nestled in Serangoon Gardens, announced today that it had completed a rebranding. The rebranding to LPB Market is a major step in the history of the company.

La Petite Boutique is changing its name to LPB Market as well as release a new logo and website redesign. This name change is part of our strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of our expertise, our local and global growth and our commitment to better serving our clients. The new logo is meaningful, and it superbly welcomes this new chapter of adventure. An adventure full of passion, dream and friendship.

“What a long and beautiful way we have come! We are very proud of it and we think our rebranding represents where the company is going, and where it has been. As you can see, the new logo is a wheel of cheese and a bottle of wine. It symbolises our main and historical products and also a circle which represents the importance of ties between people within a community, and more generally - the friendship and the conviviality. " says Morgane Foucaud, on of the Founders and the Managing Director of the company.