A cheese-paired Chinese New Year

French culture meets Chinese traditions with Europe, the home of cheese.

Usher in the Year of the Ox with acclaimed cheesemonger François Robin, a 2011 winner of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) for cheesemongers, and local food connoisseur and one of The World’s 50 Best’s TasteHunter Sihan Lee, with their specially collaborated CNY-themed cheese sharing platter, pairing French cheeses with traditional CNY goodies.

Says Lee, “French cheese isn’t conventionally consumed by us Singaporeans, so this the opportunity to gain insights on how to pair CNY snacks with French cheese was one not to be missed.” Organised by the French Dairy Board (CNIEL) and supported by the European Union, this is the first-ever collaboration of its kind, bringing together flavours and cultures on a cheese board.

Indulge in their unique pairing recommendations:

Triple Crème with Shrimp Rolls – The crisp fried shrimp rolls add a savoury, spicy and salty kick to the creamy cheese flavour, and the crackling of the golden-brown skin gives this pairing an addictive mouthfeel. Enjoy the umami flavours and contrasting textures by dipping the roll into the gooey Triple Crème or cut a slice of the cheese to spread onto the roll.

Camembert with Oolong Tea – An elevated version of the bubble tea and cheese foam combo, this cheese and tea pairing refreshes the palate while introducing floral notes from Oolong Tea and mushroom and animal notes from Camembert, best enjoyed with a cup of Chinese tea after a meal.

Comté with Cashew Nuts –Comté’s versatility with its complex flavours make it a perfect match with unsalted cashew nuts (or any other types of nuts).

Mimolette with Oolong Tea – Reminiscent of a dense chocolate with hazelnut notes, the pairing of Mimolette with Oolong Tea is a comforting and soothing experience.Bleu d’Auvergne with Pineapple Tarts – Blue cheese’s salty notes are best complemented with sweet flavours such as dried fruit and honey, hence making for a perfect pairing with pineapple tarts. The buttery and crumbly pastry provides added texture to the layered yet balanced combination of cheese and pineapple. Sweet and coconuty kaya also makes for a great pairing with Bleu d’Auvergne.

Époisses with Bak Kwa – Described by François as smelling “fermented, intense and a little bit scary for some,” Époisses is a strong cheese that actually tastes milder than expected. This dynamic pairing oozes incredibly rich flavours and smooth, chewy textures that are accented with wisps of smokiness and sweetness from the versatile bak kwa.

Original article by Priyanka Elhence from Epicure magazine: 


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